Do it Once, Do it Right.. 

Richco Rubber Top surfacing is ideal for application in children’s playground surfacing areas, swimming pool surrounds and for sports surfacing. Richco Rubber Top surfacing consists of two layers: a base layer of coarse black granules made from recycled tyre rubber, and a colored top layer of much finer rubber granules. 

This creates a solid but also flexible surface. The seamless surface is immensely strong and durable, yet soft enough to absorb the impact from a fall, thereby minimizing the risk of injury to small children when this system is applied beneath play equipment. Richco Rubber Top surfacing is not only intended for use in children’s playground’s. The surface can incorporate patterns, various colors and logos.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 9.29.27 AM.png
  • Hard Wearing 

  • Smooth & Even Surface 

  • Soft and Durable 

  • Chlorine Resistant

  • Tolerates Movement 

  • Porous 

  • Logos can be Incorporated 

  • Range of  Bright Colors